Product >>> Deflected pipe for outside cable

Deflected pipe for outside cable
Smooth deflection pipe It is unique to T.P.T technique ― process of both bending and expanding pipes are unified. This is T.P.T original technology and it helps shorten installation process drastically.
Recent years, highway have been changed in terms of its structure, from inner to outer cable for the purpose of extension of the usage length and making costs lower. But when they focus on durability, the problem that polyethylene was hurt by the level difference of inner wall occurred. That was caused by welding parts. So we invented special skill to make seamless cable. It was the hot seller which could solve all problems.
Deflected pipe
Diavolo pipe

Unit Formula Deflection Pipe. High precision! The reason is that we manufacture products in our own factory.

It can be divided up, down, left and right!! The labor of setting pipes will be drastically reduced! Please consider your use. “Copper or Polyethylene”, “Unitization the deflection pipes” and “Regardless of size” we can manufacture.
Built-in the trestle
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