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Prefabricated Pipe

Pipes are produced and delivered to your factory on the unit based on the drawings of pipe parting.

●In many different field of industry we have high reputation as specialty of "Prefabricated pipes for factories" based on our supply and installment history. We developed "prefabricated pipes for factories" that is founded on our trained skill and reliability coming from our achievement.
●"Prefabricated pipes for factories" are the product which are designed and manufactured as unit by cutting each different kind of pipes such as pipes for indoor use, outdoor use or for roof. That realized smooth installation at construction site.
We can process pipes with automatic welding machine in our own factory and we can also provide construction drawings fitting your construction site.
Furthermore, plating after processing prevents corrosion of welded point. High durability and speedy processing have been realized.


1.Its simple design makes it easy to assemble and shortens the process drastically.

Pipe materials are delivered as unit to your construction site. The unit has been cut based on the design of pipe cutting. And this system makes it easier to install them at construction site and enhance efficiency of pipe connecting work that enable customers to shorten construction terms drastically.

2.We realized "Safe, precise and high quality pipe".

We deliver "safe, precise and strong pipes" for your production work in your factory.

3.There is no difficulty in piping at the narrow space or higher place.

4.Saving and simplifying labor at the management of manufacturing site is also possible.

We can deliver prefabricated pipe unit to you in accordance you’re your construction process. That allows you to save your trouble and makes it easier to manage your construction.

5.Environmental friendly!

We make prefabricated units in our factory so that you can reduce waste material at construction site. That is how we contribute to protect global environment.

Our products have full-function when installing pipes at many construction scenes such as buildings, factories and apartment and so on.

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